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Sales Opportunity

Would you like to earn 12K next month being a part of building
the most advanced bio-energetic wellness business globally today?

We are looking to attract a hungry, entrepreneurial sales force.

If you are:

  1. Passionate about health and driven to change the world by revolutionizing global wellness
  2. Eager to learn the NES systems and products
  3. Pumped about continually refining your marketing and sales skills
  4. Entrepreneurial, with fire in your belly to help us grow in the multi-billion dollar wellness market
  5. Accomplished at high level networking with opinion leaders
  6. Motivated and skilled at organizing seminars and demonstration evenings so you can sell 10 NES systems at once
  7. Responsible and able to increase the practitioners business’s you bring on board by educating them in the marketing systems we provide

...Then you have the potential to make 100’s of thousands per year with NES Health.

We offer an extremely generous commission tier structure, with both upfront and residual income streams that accumulate into the 100’s of thousands per year. Top performers have the potential to earn millions of dollars.

We will provide extensive education and training in our patented technology. This is the same $2,500 training package we provide to our practitioners, who include medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, nutritionists, doctors of naturopathy and doctors of chiropractic, so you have the tools to educate and sell our product to alternative health practitioners. We also offer a Diploma in Bioenergetics enabling direct sales to the public for those that wish to retrain as a practitioner.

Selling this cutting edge system will enable you to:

Side effects of working with NES Health

Your own health will improve!

As you help bring wellness to the public by introducing new practitioners to our technology, you will have direct access to that technology as well, augmenting your own health while you train, sell, and succeed!

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If this opportunity sounds appealing, and if you feel driven to change the world by building something new, we want to speak with you.

Please call us at 888-242-5933 x1007 and a member of our sales team will call you back. We look forward to hearing from you!

Seeking Extraordinary People to Reach Extraordinary Goals

Are you hungry for opportunities to help change the future of healthcare, while supercharging your own business success?

Can you imagine your mind quick as lightning, your body supercharged with energy, and your mission as part of a pioneering biophysics company that’s revolutionizing healthcare?

If you are entrepreneurial, passionate about health and about making a difference in the world, have a thirst to learn, crave independence, and bask in achieving your goals...

NES Health is the company for you!

Who we are

NES Health is an international company with US offices located in the Silicon Valley region of California. The Total WellNES System, our flagship product, uses cutting edge technology to scan people remotely, and customize protocols that activate the body’s innate healing powers.

For the first time ever we can help people instantly and effectively, from the comfort of both the clients’ and practitioners’ homes, revolutionizing the way practitioners help their clients.

Our goal is to get our technology into the majority of people’s homes, radically changing the global healthcare and wellness landscape.

Extraordinary goals require extraordinary people, and that’s where you come in.

At NES Health, you’ll have the rare opportunity to help shape and create the healthcare of the future. . . and to discover, develop and spread the most innovative and game-changing ideas in the world of quantum biology and human health.

We are a colorful diverse bunch! Our culture empowers talented people to do what they do best, creating a remarkably exciting place to work and achieve ground-breaking innovations.

Whether that’s in research, development, marketing, or sales, we pride ourselves in doing things in novel ways so we can bring our solutions to those who need them most. Our award-winning company is behind these leading-edge health technology and media ventures:

NES Health neshealth.com The Living Matrix Movie thelivingmatrixmovie.com Choice Point Movie choicepointmovement.comSuperCharged superchargedmovie.com

Why work with us?

With offices in the Silicon Valley area, South Coast of the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Australia, and with products that include a new Equine Performance System and new remote scanning technology, we are poised for an intensive growth phase – and are currently looking for an army of extraordinary people who can lead the way.

If you’re not satisfied with today’s healthcare practices, and want to be part of the solution, if you are passionate about making a difference (not just in your career, but in the world), and have the potential to be a world-class sales professional and entrepreneur, we’d like to hear from you . . . as well as from genius scientists and engineers to create the biotech solutions of the future.

We hire for character, not position

If you have what it takes as an individual – in other words, if you excel in everything you do in life – then you’ll fit in well at our company. Whatever your age or stage of life, if you’re the right person for us, we’ll know!

We believe work should be fun, educational, collaborative and absorbing. It should make you jump out of bed in the morning, eager to get to work. At NES Health, you’ll have the opportunity to play, create, learn, contribute and color outside the lines.

We’re lean, but never mean. To change the world, we don’t have the time or energy to get bogged down in micromanagement. We’re focused on where we’re going and we trust our team’s ability to lead themselves. NES Health is a member of several entrepreneurial and marketing networks including Genius Network and Titans Marketing, so you’ll be learning from the best.

We understand that incredibly talented people dream of starting their own companies, so we help you attain this dream. We offer training and mentoring by our directors, who have a wealth of businesses building experience. You’ll have access to our business, marketing and personal development library, which contains well over $50,000 of courses, seminars, videos, audios and books...

Our vision is to innovate and create solutions that will revolutionize the world. To accomplish this, we are cultivating a pool of talented people who will create these solutions and bring them to fruition. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send a cover letter and resume to careers[at]neshealth[dot]com