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Adverse Childhood Events and The Impact on Health Across A Lifetime

Presenter: Niki Gratrix BA Dip ION NANP (See the Team Page for Niki's Full Bio)
CEU / CPD Hours: 1 hour

What is probably THE most under-exposed risk factor for all major chronic health conditions in the world today?

It’s bigger than the number of people suffering from gluten sensitivity, and is the causal factor behind most gut and digestive problems.

Huge studies show that you have a dramatic increase in the risk of developing 7 of the top 10 causes of death if exposed to a high level of this risk factor.

67% of all adults report they have been exposed, and the original researchers confirmed this was likely an underestimate.

Huge peer reviewed studies show that if you have exposure to this risk factor you have a 6-fold increased risk of developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME in adulthood. So what is it? It’s not a chemical or drug exposure. Nor is it smoking, taking injection drugs or drinking.

It is unresolved emotional trauma from childhood caused by “Adverse Childhood Events” also known as “ACEs.”

A person with 6 or more ACEs has a reduced lifespan of 20 years.

No practitioner can afford to ignore the impact of “adverse childhood events” or “ACEs” on the health of their patients and clients, and we must ensure more and more health practitioners become “ACE aware.”

Who is this webinar for?
All types of practitioners including medical doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopaths, health coaches and energy medicine and natural healthcare practitioners.

In this presentation, Niki will take the audience through:

 - The stunning under-exposed scientific research
 - The mechanisms on how our childhood biography becomes our biology
 - How practitioners can integrate awareness of their client’s ACEs into their practices
 - How nutrition focused approaches can directly help to reduce the biological impact of ACEs
 - How to work with other healing modalities and therapists concurrently

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Click here to Access the FREE Webinar Replay

What Practitioners are Saying About the ACEs Webinar:

“I just finished listening to today's webinar and needed to say THANK YOU! What an incredible webinar!  And thanks for supplying a replay recording.  It will be so helpful to listen to it several times to embody the information and make good use of it. With Gratitude and Blessings,” HP

“Hey, just wanted to say that your webinar this afternoon was fantastic. I am a nutritional therapist and also work with traumatised children, your work bought the 2 elements together perfectly. Lots of further reading for me as well, thank you!” NS

“Thank you for sharing the webinar on ACE info. Thank you so much for all your efforts to share and spread these profound revelations. With sincere respect and appreciation. One of your many listeners 'Down Under.” BD

 “I have received your e-mails for quite a while and today attended the seminar on ACEs.  I had tears in my eyes as you explained what ACEs are and what their impacts are.  Not only am I now aware of this for myself, I'm also starting to think about other people I know and how they may be affected by ACEs. I want to thank you again for the work that you do and for raising awareness about issues which are overlooked and frequently misunderstood.” FP

 “Thanks for the very interesting webinar on ACEs - I have made some good progress with my health in recent years, but still have lingering issues and plan to try this approach using infoceuticals.” JH