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Probably my greatest NES testimony is a client that had a severe auto-immune disease and after being on NES for less than two years she no longer takes medication, is able to work and has a normal life and best of all her Doctor gave her a clean bill of health."

Deborah Holt, experienced Nutritional Counsellor and NES Practitioner

Here at NES Health we know that the most important thing for you and your clients is the confidence that any system of care or method for healing will achieve the results you’re looking for. To that end we have conducted ample research, trials and case studies to ensure that our Total WellNES System and its component products can consistently produce quantifiable results — with verifiable improvement across health factors and metrics that matter most to practitioners and their clients.

We have also collected the numerous informal and unsolicited testimonials we’ve received from Practitioners and their Clients, so that you can get a taste of those results and qualities of wellness that can’t be quantified by science, yet which matter immensely to each of us as human beings.

Read our Practitioner Testimonials

Read our Client Testimonials

As mentioned above, we also have several case studies for you to explore, to get a more in-depth understanding of both the process and the products offered by NES Health. You can access the full listing of case studies here

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Watch a Demo of the Total WellNES System in action
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