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NEStrition Product “Flamese” Improves Inflammation for 90% of Participants

This double blind clinical trial into the efficacy of the NES Herbal product 'Flamese' was carried out in Cuba under the supervision of Dr. Maritza Mainegra and Dr. Jorge Luis Campistrous Lavaut, of the then Cuban department of Health - CENAMANT.

Dr. Maritza Mainegra is a medical doctor specialising in physiology and Dr. Jorge Luis Campistrous Lavaut is a medical doctor specialising in Traditional and Herbal remedies.

Flamese is a herbal remedy from the NES Health 'NEStrition' range.

Date: September 2010 - October 2011
Aim: To investigate the efficacy of the NES Health herbal product 'Flamese' on inflammation using imprinted and un-imprinted supplements
Lead Researchers: Dr. Martiza Mainegra and Dr. Jorge Luis Campistrous Lavaut
Number of participants: 60
Study design: Double blind clinical trial
Location: Havana, Cuba


•Subjects were seen weekly for a period of 5 weeks

•Flamese was taken 2 capsules daily for a 4 week duration, followed by a week without the intervention at the end of the trial

•Redness, swelling and temperature were measured and recorded for each patient

•Subjective pain at site of inflammation was recorded

•Pain at 18 'tender points' was also recorded. These points are areas which are particularly sensitive to pain in all people. One of the diagnostic criteria for Fibromyalgia is pain in 11 of the 18 tender points.

•The study was carried out in Cuba by 7 medical doctors using standard research methods as previously employed successfully with other 'energetic' remedies such as homeopathic preparations.

•The subjects were selected by a strict criterion and only those with acute inflammation - or in an acute phase of a chronic inflammatory illness were selected. Subjects with Fibromyalgia were included if in the acute inflammatory phase.

•Duration of trial: 30 days with intervention plus a follow-up 15 days after cessation of Flamese


The participants presented with differing types of inflammatory condition, mainly acute. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Most of the patients with acute conditions responded very quickly to the intervention, with most obtaining complete relief from symptoms before the end of the trial. Out of 60 patients, only 6 did not respond to the intervention - 90% of the subjects showed a positive improvement in pain, heat, swelling and flexibility within 30 days (and some much sooner than this). This is clearly a very effective product, so effective in fact - it is difficult to separate the imprinted vs the unimprinted versions, as most subjects were symptom free before the end of the trial regardless of which supplement they were receiving.




Included in this cohort of mainly acute inflammatory conditions, were a small group of patients with a more chronic long term inflammatory condition - Fibromyalgia - these patients were included if they were in an acute phase of the condition. It was noticed by the Doctors that these patients also responded to the intervention, although more slowly - and that as well as an improvemnt in inflammatory symptoms, these patients reported other effects of the treatment - including:

I.Psychological improvements such as improved mood and motivation

II.Improved sleep

III.Weight loss - in some cases quite significant weight loss

IV.Increased libido - and better relationships with partners

V.Vivid dreams - leading to insights and realisations

To summarise

This was a very successful trial of the Flamese product

There may be a difference in the way acute and chronic conditions respond to the NES information - we have a working hypothesis that the chronic conditions have a greater 'energetic/informational' aspect. Acute conditions tend to be straight forward structural - a twisted ankle for example - whereas a condition such as Fibromyalgia may well have an emotional/ energetic root cause. 

We are now in the next phase of the investigation looking into the effect of NEStrition on Fibromyalgia. We are using the miHealth on this subject group and, if effective, will migrate these patients over to miHealth therapy for an extended trial.